Friday, May 29, 2020

The Story of Hollyhocks.

To my dearest friends and followers,

I hope this week finds you well and on the look for something to read...because I am extremely happy to announce that my book is on sale TODAY!!

For anyone who is new here, my book is titled The Story of Hollyhocks (Tales from Beyond the Veil book 1). It is a light fantasy novel with fairies, a unicorn, spirits, a young king, and a murder most foul. The story explores what it is like to be a child again, and the act of growing up - of coming to terms with the world and seeing it for what it is. For more about my story, feel free to check out a few past blog posts:

I would like to share that I have already sold nearly 50 copies of my book, so a HUGE thank you to everyone who purchased one!! Here's a link to Amazon for anyone who would like to make a purchase or check it out. XD
Also, if you do happen to purchase my book on Amazon, I cannot say enough how important it is that you leave a review. It really helps me out and gives other people a chance to see what people like you have said about the book. Your support means so much more than you know.

Thoughts For The Future...
For so long now, my blog has been about my book. I know I've posted on plenty of other topics, but the primary focus has been on what my book is about, what my progress with writing it is, editing it, etc. I've been asking myself the dreaded question, now what?
My book is published, it's available, I will continue to market it, but what can I post about now on a weekly basis? I've been thinking about doing something creative and fun, and I just want to throw out some ideas and hopefully get some feedback from YOU (you can message me through the Contact Form).

So I'm thinking about doing a Book Club online (with my book of course). I know there are good platforms out there for that, but I'm not very familiar with any of them. I would then send out invites, letting a select few of you join. We would have video calls or maybe just audio (depending). Some thoughts and discussions would then be shared to the blog.

OR what I'm thinking I might do is a private video call with someone I know (my husband, or maybe a friend...) and we would read the book out loud, doing maybe a chapter or two every week. Maybe the two of us would then discuss the book and share that to the blog, or maybe I would have an open chat for you (my readers) to share your thoughts. 

Whatever option we go with, I will be sharing the discussions and/or thoughts to the blog. I think it would make for a fun read for those who would not join the book reading/club.

Please let me know your thoughts through the Contact Form!! Also, remember to check out my book on Amazon
Thank you so much for reading!!

Yours truly,

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