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Title: Beyond The Veil

Category: Upper MG/Tween

Genre: Fantasy/Low Fantasy/Historical Fantasy

Status: Editing phase

The Forest was her home. It was filled with secrets and magic, tree spirits and a mysterious unicorn. What more of an adventure could she possibly ask for?

Hollyhocks sees the world the way she wants it to be: good and filled with beauty. With a deep fascination for the humans, she and her closest friends venture beyond the veil to be a part of their world. She witnesses the innocence of children and the cruelness of men. Perhaps by chance she meets and befriends young Edward V, forming a bond that even Death is tempted to break. Hollyhocks begins to wonder, as her fortune was told that she would experience a joy or a sadness beyond any of her expectations. 

Why did she leave the Forest? What more of an adventure could she have possibly asked for?

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