Friday, June 28, 2019

Summer Adventures.

To my dearest friends and followers,

My apologies for not posting the past several weeks. If you're here, thank you. XD
Last I shared was an update about my book. I was about 10k words into the 61k word document. That was three weeks ago. Currently, I am nearly at 13k words...

My summer has been a bit more booked up than I anticipated. In the beginning of June, myself, my husband David, and his best friend Daniel went on a camping trip to Hume Lake for a week. We went swimming in the lake, went for a few walks in the beautiful country, went hammocking, met some really memorable people, got to enjoy each other's company around a campfire a few nights, and just had a wonderful time.

When we got back, we were informed of a stray litter of kittens near the house. Six of them to be exact, with a mama cat. With already too many feral cats in the neighborhood, we were able to capture five kittens and the mama cat and take them to the local humane society. Yes, I said five kittens. We decided to keep one!! She's now about five weeks old, is weaned from the bottle, and is a happy healthy little girl. We named her Gwen, like Guinevere from King Arthur. XD

Then David and his parents and I took a road trip to Idaho to visit family for a week or so. It's been fun!! I even got to take a picture with none other than William Shakespeare. (Location: Cleo's Ferry Museum and Nature Trail, Melba, ID.) I even found a beautiful peacock feather to bring home with me!! I've wanted one for years. I hope to turn it into a quill pen...
So...I haven't been home much since June 2nd. BUT I am working doubly as hard on my book now. I finished a chapter and a half in 2 days - my original goal was to type 1 chapter every 3 days.

It is my goal to be nearly finished revising by the end of September. I wanted summer to be over and I could say I was almost done, not that I had just started. At this rate, I'll at least be over the halfway mark.

There you have my summer adventures so far. I look forward to more walks, more sunshiny days, and more cool moonlit nights with those I care about, including my fur babies.
What are you guys up to this summer? I'd love to hear!! 
As always, thank you so much for reading!! I'll try to update more often. XD If there are any blog requests, please let me know. 

Yours truly,