Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My Latest Thoughts.

To my dear readers, friends and followers, I apologize for waiting so long to write my next blog post. I'm not sure if I've been too busy to write or if I just haven't taken the time to write. It might be safe to say a bit of both. I guess I am not going to update you on my life just yet or on my book. I just wanted to share with you some thoughts that I've had recently. If you have any specific questions to ask me, please don't hesitate to contact me. I absolutely love hearing from you!!

If you were able to read all of my past books and stories, you'd see a very similar theme to them. Each one either set in the Middle Ages or the Victorian Era, each one high fantasy, some circling around old legends or tales of Greek Mythology. They all have roots set in the past, and they all, if I may say so, are written in such a way as to add a very magical and whimsical atmosphere.

          *     *     *

Something I find very interesting is that right now, we are in the age of information. People share their photos and events and life stories all over the internet. What I wonder is how long will we still be here, and how long will the internet still be here? Suppose in the future all of this information is lost. What then? 

What we know of the past is what was recorded. We have only a few books written on a few people. And those people were mostly important rulers, scholars, philosophers, astronomers, etc. We have books and poems and we're not sure who wrote them and sculptures and we're not sure who sculpted them, paintings and we don't know who painted them. And what about the common people? We don't know their names, what their lives were like, or where they're buried. Countless numbers of people who have walked this earth, lived and died and don't even have a grave marker. They're lost in history. Something I recently started thinking about is people in the Bible. These are people I've grown up hearing and reading about. I'm not sure why, but this recently stuck with me: that the Bible is filled with REAL people who were mostly common people. We get to see people who were servants, shepherds, farmers, fishermen, tax collectors, carpenters. We don't get to see deep into their personal lives, but we learn their characteristics and mannerism, maybe a little bit about their past, the lessons they learned and the people they became, and whose company they were in.

I was having this conversation with a friend just a few days ago. Go to a cemetery. Read the names of the people on the headstones. People you never knew, stories you'll never know. What's going to be remembered in the future? Who's going to be remembered? Who's going to remember my story - our stories? No one will know the nights we sit in front of our computers and talk for hours. No one will know what I did last night. No one will know the little things in life that make everything worthwhile. It's the little things that mean the most and no one will ever know about that. Will people remember our stories? Will people ever know what life is like for me and you? Something that really bothers me is when people don't know me, and they act all surprised when I tell them something about myself. They have no idea the things that go on inside my head, my hobbies, my favorite color, favorite food, etc. So why should they be surprised when I tell them anything? If I say I'm a writer, they might say, "Oh, that's so cool, I didn't know that!" How dare you say you didn't know that because you don't know me. If I would have told them my favorite color is green, they would have said, "Oh." Oh? That's all I get? Again, they know nothing about me.

That's something I really enjoy about writing - and reading too for that matter. The history books mostly recorded the success or downfall of "important people". But reading/writing for pleasure is different. If you hear a story or see a T-shirt in a store or listen to a song, you can picture someone that that story relates to, or you can picture that one friend who would love that shirt or that song. You can hear in your mind the words they would probably say in almost any situation. 

In my book, even if I write about a prince you can find in a history book and I base it around historical facts, I'm not limited to following the history books. We don't know what his personality was like. We don't know if he was a sweet innocent kid or a spoiled brat who didn't know any better. We don't know if he had a sense of humor or if he was serious. We don't know the kind of childhood he had or the little things he did on a daily basis. That's what makes history and writing so fascinating; your only limitations are your own imagination. ;)