Friday, November 29, 2019

A Little Bit Of Everything.

To my dearest friends and followers,

My apologies for not posting in a few weeks!! I feel like I have been pretty busy, but in all honesty, I'm not sure if that's true. Maybe I just didn't feel like I knew what to sit down and write about - so I didn't. XD

On November 10th, my husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. XD He spoiled me a little bit by serving me breakfast in bed, coming home several hours early from work, and giving me flowers. We then went to the beach where we were married and had a picnic. Afterwards, we got ice cream and spent time downtown. It was a really nice day to a difficult year. <3

Just last weekend, he and I went to Family Life's Weekend to Remember marriage conference and heard from a few different speakers. We heard some valuable insight, each took something away, and purchased several books to read together.

Speaking of books...
In October, I sent my manuscript out to five beta readers and told them that I expect it back within two months (giving them plenty of time to read with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to plan for). One of those beta readers has since returned my manuscript to me (thank you Mom!!). I was immediately going to begin to work on it, however I decided I would wait until I received the rest so I may compare each person's notes and better decide which things I don't want to change and which things they all said should be changed.

Some other things I have been working on are getting Christmas gifts!! I'm so excited for Christmas.
I'm so excited to get our first tree this year (We didn't have the space for one last year)!!!!!!!!!
I think I have all of the gifts that I'm going to give this year. I like to be done thinking about gifts by the time December comes, that way I don't have to stress about it last minute. Call me efficient. :D

I have also been drawing every day since November 12th. My husband participated in a "100 days of sketching" challenge a few months back. He then did Inktober. While he was drawing whatever he felt like for a few days, I took the liberty of creating another "prompt" list or challenge for him. It is a 26 day challenge, drawing a fairy creature for each letter of the alphabet. I told him that if he accepted my list, I would draw them with him. He accepted my challenge!! Next week I will share some of those drawings with you along with the lore around those creatures!! 
Until then, thank you so much for reading!!

Yours truly,

Friday, November 1, 2019

Days Past.

Journal entry
(19 April 2019)

I liked places like this.
Behind me. Is this changing?
Sunshine. Warmth. You. Us.
This place is us.

Heartbeat. I can hear it. Yours.
Soft pitter-patter from within.
It is soothing. Infinite.
We are alive.

I liked feeling this way.
Rested. Peaceful. Happy.
I liked feeling like this
is all I have.

She listened to me
and heard my silent words.
No judging, no interrupting.
She understood
and whispered it back to me.

The sun. The warmth.
The breeze. It feels good.
The birds. They sing.
No! Please, do not go away.

A moment lost, but not forever.
Silently, you will return again
and echo to me
this never ending cycle.

Yours truly,