Friday, November 1, 2019

Days Past.

Journal entry
(19 April 2019)

I liked places like this.
Behind me. Is this changing?
Sunshine. Warmth. You. Us.
This place is us.

Heartbeat. I can hear it. Yours.
Soft pitter-patter from within.
It is soothing. Infinite.
We are alive.

I liked feeling this way.
Rested. Peaceful. Happy.
I liked feeling like this
is all I have.

She listened to me
and heard my silent words.
No judging, no interrupting.
She understood
and whispered it back to me.

The sun. The warmth.
The breeze. It feels good.
The birds. They sing.
No! Please, do not go away.

A moment lost, but not forever.
Silently, you will return again
and echo to me
this never ending cycle.

Yours truly,