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The History Of Edward V.

Looking into the characters from Beyond The Veil.

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It's difficult to say exactly when it began, but I've been an enthusiast of medieval England for at least 13 years. When I wrote the story of Hollyhocks back then, it was a fantasy story that took place in a medieval-like setting. When I decided to rewrite the story of Hollyhocks (Beyond the Veil), I really wanted to combine the story with actual events, and my favorite historical figure, Edward V. I know historians don't all agree on when exactly the Middle Ages was, but I'm going with the end of the 400's to the end of the 1400's. Therefore, I confidently say that my book takes place during the end of the medieval period in England.
Because I became so interested in Edward V's story at a pretty young age (thanks to the set of encyclopedias we had and John Everett Millais's painting The Princes In The Tower [1878]), I tend to forget that a lot of people I've talked to about my book have no idea who Edward V is. I mean, I don't either, not really. Here's a brief telling of what I do know that should help you understand more of the events going on in my book...

Edward IV (April 28th, 1442-April 9th, 1483) was married to Elizabeth Woodville (born in 1437) from 1464-1483. They had 10 children together, 7 of whom were still living at the time of their father's death.

+Elizabeth of York
Mary of York (deceased before 1483)
+Cecily of York
+Edward (later Edward V)
Margaret of York (deceased before 1483)
+Richard of Shrewsbury
+Anne of York
George Plantagenet (deceased before 1483)
+Catherine of York
+Bridget of York

Edward IV died in April of 1483, leaving the throne to his eldest son, Edward, who was just 12 years old at the time. Edward V was in Ludlow Castle when news arrived of his father's death. In May of the same year, Edward V made the journey from Ludlow to London. He had an escort of 2,000 men, including Anthony Woodville, 2nd Earl Rivers (Lord Rivers), who was Edward V's uncle, brother to his mother. Edward V was reportedly very close to Lord Rivers.
On the way, the party was met by Richard of Gloucester, named Lord Protecter of the Realm after the death of his brother, Edward IV. He insisted on accompanying his nephew the rest of the way to London, dismissing the 2,000 men and having Lord Rivers, amongst several others, arrested.

On May 19th 1483, Edward V arrived in London where he awaited his coronation in the Tower of London (a castle and mighty fortress consisting of 21 towers). On June 16th, Richard of Shrewsbury joined his brother at the Tower after being forcibly taken from his mother, Elizabeth Woodville, at Westminster Abbey. He was 9 years old.

On Sunday, June 24th, Edward V's coronation was going to be held. Instead, on June 22nd, Parliament declared all of the children of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville to be illegitimate. On June 25th, the Assembly declare Richard of Gloucester, Lord Protector of the Realm, to be the legitimate king. On the same day, Lord Rivers and the others are beheaded at Pontefract Castle in West Yorkshire, England. Richard's coronation was on June 26th, making him Richard III.

Edward V and his brother Richard were moved from their lodgings in the Tower to the Garden Tower (named the Bloody Tower in the 1500's).

Some historians say that the children had no idea of what really was going on or what Richard's intent was. Were they simply moved to the Garden Tower, or imprisoned in it?
I believe they knew what was going on. It is reported that Edward V went to the chapel within the Tower of London to pray every day as the end of summer drew near. Maybe he feared for his life and the life of his little brother?

After the summer of 1483, Edward V and Richard of Shrewsbury were never seen again. It is commonly believed that Richard III had them killed within the Garden Tower.

In 1674, nearly 200 years later, two human skeletons were found under a staircase in the White Tower. The bones were believed to belong to the princes in the tower, and after having them examined, Charles II ordered them to be buried in Westminster Abbey.

Man, I should have been a history teacher...

I don't really know much about Edward V. All I know are facts that certain events happened. I don't know what kind of a person he was. I read somewhere that he was extremely smart. But what was he good at? What did he enjoy doing? Was he close to his siblings? Was he a nice kid? Was he funny? Was he quiet? Was he stubborn? I have no idea. His story is fascinating, yet tragic. Why was he never seen again? Was he scared? Was he even murdered...? I've been really excited as I've been editing my book and reading about him again and the world I created for him. Maybe his life was like that...

Yours truly,

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