Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Even writers get sick.

Hey everyone! I've noticed that in the past week or so - has it been a week already?! - I haven't posted a whole lot of new material about my progress on my book or anything new about me etc. So I just wanted to tell you what I HAVE been up to!

As many of you are probably aware, school has started up again. Some of us have already been back for a month. And some of us (myself included) never got out for the summer. I know,  how do I manage that? How am I still alive? Well, to be completely honest, I ask myself the same questions. Like, how am I still sane? Come to think of it though, if you asked my family, they'd say I was INsane...but that's beside the point.....

Needless to say, school takes up a lot of my time. I still have plenty of time for a social life though - oh wait, I don't have a social life. What I DO have time for is reading. I've been reading Paper Towns for any John Green fans out there! Also, I make sure to fit in some time for writing, though I actually haven't written much in the past couple days. One thing I don't understand though, on my schedule I NEVER said I had time to get sick. And sure enough, I'm sick anyway. Soar throat, throbbing head, stinging eyes, mouth breathing, sleepless nights, that's me! So apparently even writers can get sick, and don't ask how, because seriously all I do is sit at my desk... 

Hopefully I'm better really soon so I can post for you guys more! ;)

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