Monday, September 14, 2015

Chapter 1 (part 2).

So now imagine that the Forest is very dark because the heavens are dark. Nearly every creature in the Forest lay his head upon his pillow for a night of dream filled sleep, only one family is doing no such thing. A hole in a tree provides a home, while leaves provide a door. And through this layer of leaves, a faint light can be seen. Shh. Listen carefully. Hear that? Try harder until everything is so silent that you can hear the sound of your own heartbeat. Faintly, but surely, there is a strange sound coming from inside this fairy home. It sounds almost like chimes; like someone running their hand over a throng of chimes. That, Dear Reader, is the sound of a new born baby fairy crying. Indeed the stars get excited every time they witness the birth of a fairy child, as there is nothing quite like it in all the land.

Inside this humble home we see a handsome young male fairy, strong and fair, dark eyes, his face anxious and excited, sweat on his brow. He is kneeling by a bed of heather on which lies his wife, unashamedly wearing nothing as is he.

You see Dear Reader, the sprites live in a different world than humans entirely. They live in peace with one another always. They know no hate, only love. They are innocent in the ways of man and they are not ashamed to be naked.

Now, she is no older than what you and I might say, 20 years of age, for sprites age quite differently than humans do. She is pale, her golden locks falling over her sweaty face. But her eyes are open and a smile cannot hide on her sweet lips, for in her arms is a baby no bigger than that of a small acorn (though a very normal size for a sprite), clothed only in a neat brown cloth to keep her warm.

"She is beautiful my Dear Corabelle. She looks like you."

Corabelle smiled warmly at him. "Eldon, what shall we name her?"

Eldon (eel-don) thought for a moment. He looked around the house, first at the table, then at the things piled on it. Then he scanned the shelf, first a small bottle whose contents are unknown, then a small book, and a flower vase. The vase was empty and had been so for many years. This is because Dear Corabelle would have no flowers save for the single hollyhock preserved neatly between the pages of an old and worn book - the very same hollyhock Eldon had found on the edge of the river once on a forbidden outing in his youth. He could have a wild streak at times and Corabelle fell helplessly in love with it - with him. Corabelle cherished that flower, and wished to keep it forever as she knew she would never have another so lovely and beauteous as that. This Eldon remembered very well at seeing the empty vase. He then turned back to his wife. "Hollyhocks. Then you will have Hollyhocks with you forever."

"Hollyhocks," Corabelle repeated. "I will love you always."

She smiled at her new baby as little Hollyhocks fell asleep on her mother's bosom. "My little angel," she whispered, kissing her baby's soft forehead, gently touching her round rosy cheeks. They couldn't even begin to grasp how different their lives were than the day before; they had no idea that their lives were forever changed. Still though, they couldn't have been a happier family.

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  1. Sounds exciting! Can't wait to read the rest of the book! :D