Friday, June 19, 2020

Little Leo.

To my dearest friends and followers,

Two months ago, there were four little kittens who lived outside. They didn't belong to anybody, but were the offspring of the great cats who learned to survived in the wild decades before them. There were three little girl kittens and one little boy kitten. He was their leader and his sisters looked up to him. Yes, they were tiny, but they were fierce and strong like their ancestors.

In the course of just two days, these kittens' lives changed forever. They were captured, one by one, by two hoomans, a man and a woman. These kittens were scared, as would be expected, since their kind was always taught to fear mankind. Who were these people and what did they want with them?

The little boy kitten tried his best to protect his sisters. He was angry and hissed at these hoomans. But they didn't heed his warnings. Instead, they picked him up and just held him tight.
What is this? Did he start to like being held? He somehow decided these people weren't all bad. After all, they let him and his sisters out to play. They fed them the yummiest meals. They made them a warm bed to sleep in. Even his sisters began to trust these people.

And then one day, the hoomans introduced the kittens to another creature. It was small and black and walked on four legs. Was it a cat? No, no it was not. This creature was new, something they had not seen before. The hoomans called it "Weenie Dog". 
The little boy kitten was brave and approached the Weenie Dog. He grabbed its tail, to see what would happen. The Weenie Dog snapped at him! He thought surely this was the end, but the Weenie Dog didn't try anything else. It just watched him and his sisters. Perhaps it was friendly. Perhaps it just didn't like its tail grabbed. He thought he could manage to not grab it again.

The hoomans spent more and more time with the kittens as the days passed, but the woman kept holding the little boy kitten when the others were asleep. Could he sleep on her lap? Did he trust her that much? Yes, he did. He soon found it quite easy to fall asleep as she held on to him and rubbed his back. Perhaps it was because she always offered him yummies when she called him. Perhaps it was the yummies he liked, and soon found he liked her too.

One by one, other hoomans came to the house, and when they left, they took the little boy kitten's sisters. Why were they taking them away? He missed them. He missed playing with them. 
He missed cuddling with them, but he soon found he could cuddle with the Weenie Dog. The hoomans who rescued him from the wild began calling him Leo. He liked that name. The woman explained to him that it meant Lion. That was so cool.

He quickly found that he could live without his sisters. After all, he had all the yummy food to himself now. He could play with whatever toy he wanted to and no one would fight him for it. The hoomans were his playmates now. He even got to sleep in the big bed with the hoomans. He realized that these people were now his parents, his Hoomum and Hoodad. And he was content.

This is the story of how my husband and I came to owning another cat. XD 
He just turned three months old. Thank you so much for reading!!

Yours truly,

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