Friday, June 5, 2020

Everyone Has A Song.

I would rather see the world through the eyes of a child.

To my dearest friends and followers,
and to my fellow creatives,

I think everyone has a song.
That one song that makes them feel good. That song that they've forgotten about, but upon hearing it again, it makes them feel like they were home again - that familiar sense of belonging.

Sometimes I think that each person is a song. It is that energy which flows through them, casting out an aura of their innermost self. It is a song which reflects who they are. It can be a happy song, a haunting one, even a melancholy one. It is the one thing that can be felt by another person without even talking to them - that something that makes you look again.

I have often thought, what if I was a song? Or, what if my newly released novel was a song? What song would it be? What if my novel was ever turned into a film? What songs would make up the soundtrack?

I will do my best to not say exactly what is happening in the story, as I list those songs (as I do not wish to give away any spoilers for those who have not yet read my book since it is such a new release).

For the third chapter in which Hollyhocks is in the field and thinks she sees the stars dancing around in front of her (but quickly comes to realize that they are, in fact, fireflies celebrating a grand occasion), I imagine the song Caribbean Blue by Enya. It sounds so whimsical and flows along with the content of the chapter, which I perceive to be a very poetical scene.

The other two songs I have in mind are interchangeable. I think it would be slightly more fitting perhaps, if Carry You by Novo Amor played during the 31st chapter. The song is so full of emotion that moves the reader/listener. That's all I'll say here. 

And lastly, Through The Eyes Of A Child by Aurora would be at the end of the book, or in the case of a film, during the end credits. Honestly, if there was just one song for my book, I would say this is the song.
To me, it is about wanting that innocence back - that longing to be a child again, for what are we if not childlike dreamers trying to reach something seemingly out of reach? Trying to reach something bigger than ourselves? Trying to return to the place from which we came? Trying to be innocent and pure once again?

Yours truly,

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