Friday, March 27, 2020

Publishing With IngramSpark.

To my dearest friends and followers,

I hope this finds you well. I know the world is a little bit of a scary place right now, but we'll make it through. Thank you again for taking the time to come here and read what I have written. I suppose I just wanted to update you on my misadventures of the week.

What happened this week.
To start, my husband finished reading my book, I finished reading my book, and I finished going through all the edits and changed what needed fixing!!
All I have left to do is format my book and then upload it for publication (I even have my ISBN purchased).
So, a several months back, I was pretty set on thinking I would publish my book through Amazon. However, after spending a day with my husband and visiting a number of local bookstores, I decided against them. More recently I've been set on publishing with IngramSpark and uploading my book before the 31st of this month in order to use their promo code.
In order to use their services, I found out I should format my book using InDesign. I was hesitant because it is NOT free and I'm trying to keep the spending at a minimum. In the end, it kind of seemed like I needed to get it, so I did. 
The problem? Once I payed for it and downloaded it, I can't actually use it because my computer's operating system is so outdated. Basically, I need a new laptop. Long story short, all the stores nearby are sold out (I guess people decided to update all their electronics when they bought all the toilet paper), and if I order one, it won't arrive before my deadline of the 31st. I ended up ordering one anyway because my options were limited. I'm hoping for the best.

Why I chose IngramSpark.
After speaking with several small bookstores, my husband and I learned that if I want my book in stores, Amazon wouldn't be a good option for me because most of those stores will not order from them since they see them as competition. That made a lot of sense. Then we heard from one person in particular who told us about IS (IngramSpark). What she said seemed promising, so we looked in to it.
IS is a self-publishing platform and one of the largest book distributors. It is not free to publish through them, but the cost is pretty cheap in terms of self-publishing (only 49usd).
The thing that decided it for me though, is that they advertise "Global distribution to over 40,000 retailers and libraries, including availability to Amazon and Barnes & Noble." There is still a lot of marketing that needs to happen on my end, but the one thing I really want will be accomplished: being in bookstores. We do plan to go to independent bookstores and see if they will carry my book, maybe donate some to libraries, possibly do book signings at local stores, etc.

I just want to clarify something...I realize keep saying "we" a lot. My husband has been a huge help to me through this journey the last few months and will no doubt continue to do so. XD

Anyhow, that's what my experience has been so far. Amazon is still a great way to go, and it's a bit cheaper than using IS. If you want your book to be in stores though, there are a lot of other options out there.
I will do my best to keep you updated on my progress, but right now, I'm thinking my book will be available for purchase by the end of April.
Stay safe!!
Stay inside, read more books and support indie or local authors. XD

Yours truly,

Here are a few suggested books:
(some of these books I personally recommend because I have read or want to read them. The others were provided by the authors after I opened the question on Twitter for anyone to share their books to my blog.)

The Midnight Dance by Nikki Katz
The Changeling And The Cupboard (The complications of Being Lucy book 1) by Gus Kenney
Phantom (Dark Musicals book 1) by Laura DeLuca
Dylap by A.C. Salter
I: (Chronicles of Darkness book 1) by Charles Reed
Severus: The Black Caesar by Steve Exeter

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Why use IngramSpark?

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