Friday, March 13, 2020

Curious and Curiouser!

To my dearest friends and followers,

This week I began to paint on the large watercolor paper I have, measuring 9"x12", rather than the 9"x6" journal I've been using. The texture of the paper is quite different than what I got used to using. At first, I was pretty hesitant about the new paper. As I've used it twice now, I actually kind of like it.

Just yesterday, I made this painting of Alice which was inspired by Jane Davenport's own interpretation of Alice from Jane's Watercolor Wonderland workshop. This is a course (workshop) on Jane Davenport's website that I only recently found out about through her work on Pinterest, though it seems to me that the course initially came out in 2016. It costs 138.27usd. I'm thinking about purchasing it, but probably not until the end of the month. I love Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, but I'm not sure if the class is essential to me creating my book cover and therefore, I probably shouldn't spend my time on it just yet.
I did really enjoy creating this piece though. I like using the pen for the lines in the face, as opposed to the color pencils I've been using. I also really like the wispy nature of the hair. This was created by painting the background the color I wanted, then adding the pen lines on top, rather than painting the hair my desired color ON TOP of the background which was laid prior to doing the hair.

This coming week, I am setting my goal to actually make the cover for my book. I have made a lot of different paintings, created 13 beautiful faces, tried several different ideas, and now I need to actually make the cover. I'm excited and nervous all at once!! 

I have also finished going through my manuscript with my husband's edits. Tomorrow I plan to print the manuscript again and read through it myself for what I think will be the last time. If all goes according to plan, I have just over two weeks to finish everything before I'm ready to upload my book for publication. Wish me luck. XD
Thank you for reading!!

Yours truly,

Watercolor Wonderland workshop by Jane Davenport
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  1. I am excited for and with you, Vanessa. Step by step your dream becomes real!