Friday, February 28, 2020

Character Reference.

To my dearest friends and followers,

This week I have been working on writing a quick reference of the fairy creatures from my book. 
The purpose is to have it in the front of the book to prevent confusion as each of the characters are introduced in the story. This idea was presented to me by one of my beta readers, so I considered it, and now I also believe it would be helpful, not to mention fun. Having the reference at the front of the book sort of reminds me of the rhymes at the beginning of the books from The Spiderwick Chronicles.

I put these in order as they appear in the story, with the main character, Hollyhocks, being a sprite.
I intend to edit it more, but this is the first rough draft:

These tiny human-like fairies have wings protruding from their backs. Sprites are kind-hearted beings who tend to avoid contact with humans. They are autumn fairies who change the leaves by painting grand fiery colors throughout nature. Sprites do not wear clothing.

These tiny human-like fairies do not have wings, but they can run extremely fast. They have unique features, such as pointed ears and large wide-set eyes. Pixies possess magic, yet they are mischievous beings who delight in causing turmoil amongst humans, such as taking things that don't belong to them or causing humans to forget where they are. Legend has it that pixies are not born of parents, but are created from the souls of humans who died as children. Pixies are commonly seen using strands of grass for clothing.

These tiny insect-like fairies are flower fairies. They like to live in fields of wildflowers or in people's gardens. They tend to the flowers and care for them. They also wear flower petals for clothing. Pillywiggins are spring fairies and hibernate during the winter. Since they do not have wings of their own, they like to have mounts, such as bumble bees, butterflies, or dragonflies. Something unique about these fairies is they have the ability to hear humans call them from far away. They also have the ability to "shift", meaning they can allow themselves to be seen or to not be seen by human eyes.

Small dwarf-like creatures who are typically in a bad mood. Though they are not fond of humans, they enjoy visiting people's home during the night. They delight in doing household chores, from dusting and sweeping, to darning socks. The only thing they take in return for payment is food.

Daughters of the Earth (Mother Nature). They are tree spirits. They are mostly peaceful creatures, with a beautiful language long since forgotten by man. Dryad's can leave their tree, but only for a short time before the dryad and tree would die. Dryad's are hard to see, but they can sometimes be heard in the wind to those who are listening.

Fairy Ring:
A ring of mushrooms that grows in a circle is known as a fairy ring. It is believed to be pixie magic. Every year, on the first full moon after the vernal equinox, the pixies have a grand dance to celebrate the new season. Their tiny footsteps combined with their magic creates the fairy ring - a portal to another world. If a human were to step inside a fairy ring, they would cease to exist in the world they know, but would be transported deep into the fairy realm forever.

The spirit of a woman who was a professional mourner. Because of her life of lies, in the afterlife she is condemned to mourn for royal family members whose lives have been lost. It is said that the spirit will sometimes accompany the souls of the deceased to the other side.

**Please keep in mind, these are not descriptions that match what folklore says about these creatures, but are the descriptions that match what the world I created says about them.

Thank you so much for reading!! I would love to hear from you and what your thoughts are about the descriptions. I have noticed that the comment section hasn't been functioning properly, so I'll leave a link for the Contact Me tab if you'd like to reach out that way.

Thank you again,

Yours truly,

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