Friday, January 24, 2020

Fairy Journal DIY.

To my dearest friends and followers,

Today I am going to share with you how I made my journal for this year!! (As some of you are probably aware, each year, I make a new journal that sort of functions as my brain outside my brain. I write ideas, important dates, doodles, etc. I shared how I made my journal last year, but I believe I've learned a thing or two on how to make a better journal. That being said, here's how I made my journal this year...

...first of all, I think I should say, I actually forgot to document the journal that I made for myself (take pictures for instructions, write notes, etc.). So, I made another journal exactly the same as the first one (except for the design on the cover) specially for this blog so I could show all of you how I made it.

Supplies needed are as follows:

Paper Cutter a.k.a. Paper Guillotine
Pearl Cotton (size 12)
Fabric Scissors
Folding Bone
Metal Book Corners
Binder Clips (not shown)

1. The Cover.
So the first step is to decide what size you want your journal. I made mine 9''x6''. Two sheets of cardboard must be measured and cut to that exact size (one for the front cover, one for the back). Next, you need to have ready your cover paper (two sheets for front and back). I used ivory cardstock paper, 80lb, measuring 8.5"x11''. Cut this paper exactly 1/2inch larger ON ALL SIDES than your cardboard. So your paper should measure 10"x7". 
Design the cover. Have fun with it. I put a fairy on mine. Once the design is complete, attach the paper to the cardboard by applying the glue to the cardboard, NOT the paper, to prevent the paper from wrinkling. Make sure you do this to the front cover and back cover. 
I like to then press those covers between some heavy books or a heavy box until the glue dries (about two hours). This prevents the cardboard from warping, as it is prone to do with so much glue on it.

2. The Pages.
The paper I used for the pages is the exact same paper I used for the cover (ivory cardstock paper, 80lb, measuring 8.5"x11"). I wanted to make 8 signatures, so I took 8 sets of 3 sheets of paper and folded them exactly in half, folding three at a time with the (plastic) folding bone. To make that more clear, each signature is three sheets of paper, folded in half. This step is pretty easy for me since I'm not cutting or measuring any of the paper.
Next, I'm taking each signature (which measures 8.5" down the middle), and marking it one inch in at each end, then again another inch in. To find the middle two points, I then measure 1 3/4" in from each of the innermost points. I'm now able to connect three pairs of dots into 1" segments. Make sure to do this to each signature, both on the inside and outside of each one.
Next, I took the thread (Pearl Cotton) and (starting from the back of the signature), stitched along the lines that I just created. The inside and outside should look like the photos I took once the above steps are complete. After that, I take another sheet of paper and cut it 2"x6". This is the paper that will bind all the signatures together. I added a lot of glue along the entire center. I then made sure that each of the corners have glue. I then attached this to the back of the signatures, held firmly in place by the binder clips. I keep this standing on end until it dries (about an hour).

3. The Bookmark.
Once the binding on the signatures is dry, I wanted to add a bookmark. So, I took some ribbon that I have (1/8" thick) and glued about 4" of that to the binding, allowing at least 2-3" to hang past the FULL LENGTH of the book (making the bookmark 12" in length with a 9" journal). Once that dried, I wanted to add a fish tail to the bookmark. I folded the end of the ribbon between my fingers and cut it, angling the scissors away from my thumb to get the shape I wanted. I added a tiny bit of glue to the end of the ribbon where I cut it to prevent it from fraying.

4. Finishing the Cover.
Once the pages are complete, bookmark and all, I take the covers out that have been drying until this point. I cut all of the corners off and fold the excess paper over, gluing it to the cardboard, creating mitered corners. I usually have to hold these until they're dry enough to stop popping back up (about 3-5 minutes each). The same process is performed on the front and back cover. 
When that is finished, I take a full sheet of 8.5"x11" paper and cut it in half, making both halves measure 8.5"x5.5". I glue these sheets to the inside of the front and back covers, covering up all the cardboard that was still showing. The covers both need to be pressed again for a couple hours to prevent the cardboard from wanting to warp again.

5. The Book.
Almost there!! Ok, so when the covers are completely dry, it's time to attach those to the pages!!
I put glue on the inside of the covers (the side with the mitered corners), and then put it down, glue side up, on a table. I then took the pages and put it down on top of the glue, making sure the back of the pages are even with the back edge of the cover. I then put glue on the top outer page of the signatures and placed the other cover on top, making sure they were evenly placed. This creates 1/4" of space between the pages and the edge of the covers on both the top and bottom, with 1/2" of space between the pages and the edge of the covers in the front of the book. The book needs to be pressed once more to ensure the cardboard stays nice and flat.

6. The Binding.
When the book is dry, I then attach the binding to the back. So I take another full sheet of the ivory paper and cut it about three times the thickness of the book. For example, the pages in the journal measure about 1/2", so the paper I cut needs to be 1 1/2", but I cut mine a little longer than that...
The length is the same length as the book, 9". I put a very thin line of glue near the edge of the paper on the sides that will be touching the covers, but no glue in the middle. I attached this to the back, pressing it with my hands until it dried (about 2-4 minutes). As shown in the photo, there is space between the paper I just attached and the cover. This is intentional and allows the book to open and close properly.

7. The Corners.
Last but not least, I like to add metal book corners for some extra...extra. XD I like being extra.
I have metal bronze book corners that I put a bit of glue inside, then pressed it onto the corners of the book, using the pliers to firmly clinch it on once it is in place.

Finished!! I'm extremely happy with how both these turned out. The aching moon fairy is the journal that I initially created for myself. The solemn forest fairy is the one I created for this blog post. Please let me know in the comments if you followed this blog and made a journal of your own or if you learned something from this. XD Thank you so much!!

Yours truly,

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