Friday, January 14, 2022

Looking at 2021.

To my dearest friends and followers,
and to my fellow creatives,

It's now 2022 and we can wave goodbye to yet another crazy year. 
I feel like a lot happened in my life. I let go of some things and I have found myself a little bit and begun to explore what it means to be human - to be an adult in a new world (for me), to experience things I've never experienced before. I feel like I'm taking more time for myself to just exist and to be happy.

I've also allowed some people in my life whom I thought would never be a part of it. I've grown closer to some and distanced myself from others, I believe for the best.

I went to the library several times and I checked out books for the first time ever!! That was pretty exciting. Somehow, I still managed to finish the year having read less books than I wanted to, but at least I hit my Goodreads goal of 10 books. XD

In July, I brought a new member into the family, the Samantha doll 35th anniversary edition, from American Girl. :D

In August, I bought a book from ScribeForge titled, The Essential Worldbuilding Blueprint and Workbook. I worked through it in about 2 months with my sister and WOWZA. It is such a good book and has really helped me not only appreciate good storytelling/worldbuilding in other people's stories, but also how to better create a world for my own book. So any writers out there, you might just wanna take a look at that.

In October I got to spend my birthday with my sister, which hasn't happened in several years, so that was a really great time. My husband and I also started going to an artist meetup and have made a few new acquaintances, which is cool. I love having the opportunity to make more creative friends. 

In November, I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I was working on my second novel, The Death of Jack: Tales from Beyond the Veil (book 2). I did not finish the book by any means, but I hit 50k, making me a NaNo winner, and doubling my word count in the process.
I ended up taking December off, playing an mmorpg (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) and building a great community there with my sister, but now that it's January, I am writing again with a goal of a minimum of 500 words a day. The goal is to have the book finished by the end of February. Fingers crossed that I can pull that off. XD

I would also like to add that I have some handmade journals and some stickers of my main character, Jack, available in my Ko-fi shop, so I would love it if you checked those out, maybe got one for yourself or a friend.

I'm looking forward to a new year and the possibilities that come with it!!

Thank you so much for reading,

Yours Truly,


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