Friday, November 12, 2021

Second Week of NaNoWriMo.

To my dearest friends and followers,
and to my fellow creatives,

It's hard to believe it's already the second week of NaNoWriMo!!
I feel like I was the least prepared this year than I've been in the past, but surprisingly, I've been hitting my word count goals every day and staying ahead!! Here's to hoping the rest of the month works out in my favor too and I will hit 50k words by November 30th!!

I know a lot of people have been getting busy and/or worn out and feel discouraged with their NaNo projects. To those people I say, don't give up. When I first participated in 2016, I didn't push for the 50k words in 30 days challenge. Instead, I made it my goal to show up every day, even if that meant for 10 minutes to write 100 words. Because any amount of words was more than I started with. Hang in there fellow Wrimos, you got this!!

If anyone is interested in seeing my daily updates and some sneak peaks about the project I'm working on, make sure you're following me on Instagram and Twitter, because I'm posting my progress updates almost every day!!

Aside from my brief NaNoWriMo update, I also wanted to let you all know some very exciting news!! This Monday, November 15th, I'll be dropping some new items in my shop on ko-fi, so make sure you keep a lookout for that!!
Basically, you can expect a limited number of vinyl stickers of my main character, Jack Frost, from my current WIP, The Death of Jack,
in addition to a limited number of handmade journals also featuring Jack Frost. Items will be released at 12:01am on Monday, November 15th!! Make sure you follow my social media platforms where I'll be releasing photos of the products!!

Also, if you want to see more item releases from my shop, feel free to support me on ko-fi. It's just a nice way to say, "hey, I like what you do, keep doing it!"

Thank you so much for reading!!

Yours truly,

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