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Smash Writer's Block.

To my dearest friends and followers,

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Writing The Death of Jack has been going really well!! I am still in the world building phase of it (check out last week's post if you missed it, as I talk about some of the things I've learned about my novel through working on The Essential Worldbuilding Blueprint and Workbook book by Scribe Forge).

This week I am working on building the magic system in my book (where does the magic come from, how does it work, who practices it, etc). It's a lot of fun and I feel like this section from the Worldbuilding book is really valuable for my own book because this is helping me to really understand the differences between how the fairies live vs. how the humans live and their respective perspectives on life based on the magic (or lack thereof) used. 

I've been really happy with some additional questions for me to answer about my book/characters as well. Before I continue, let me go back...

So, I have been in contact with Scribe Forge via email (I've also tagged them on social media several times). Basically, I told them that I bought the Worldbuilding book and I've been using it to work on my novel. I also sent them the link to my blog for them to check out if they liked. I then asked multiple times (on my blog, through email, and on Twitter) if they would sponsor me. They basically said no. 😂

Buuuut, they did the next best thing, which is send me their Smash Writer's Block card deck for free!! Sooooooo, that's pretty cool.

**THIS IS NOT A SPONSORSHIP, I'm not being paid to say what I'm about to say.

Smash Writer's Block is a deck of 100 cards with writing prompts printed on both sides of the card. The cards have a gloss finish and are actually really sturdy, which I wasn't expecting, so that was a nice addition. XD

I think the idea behind the cards is that you use them while you're working on your story. When the muses have ceased to inspire you, you select a card from the stack, read the question printed on it, and then continue to write your story, riffing off the idea you got from the prompt on the card.

Really, they can be used any way you want. When I get tired of working on the Worldbuilding book, I've been selecting a random card from the stack, writing down the question or prompt in the notebook I made, and then thinking about my characters and answering the question with the thought that I just might incorporate some of my newly written material into my story.

To the team at Scribe Forge, you guys did an amazing job at asking probing questions (via the Writer's Block cards) to help build our characters and our stories.

Some of the questions are so simple, but they're things I never thought about before (and I think they REALLY help me understand my characters more), such as:

  • If your protagonist died tomorrow, what would they regret the most?
  • What traits do your main characters like in other people? Why?
  • What is one ethical line your protagonist won't cross? Tempt them to cross it.
  • Something your protagonist believes about himself/herself/themself is a lie. What is it?
  • How do those who can use magic treat those who cannot use magic?

Of course, that's just 5 examples of 199 questions and prompts!!
I'm in love with these cards, I'm so happy I have them and I will probably use them for not just the novel I am currently writing, but for future projects as well.

You know when you see an ad for a company and you're not sure if the company is legit so you Google them and you still can't find anything on them, but you really want the product they're selling so you take a chance and then you receive the item and it exceeds your expectations (which were pretty low, but still!) and you're so excited and now they're one of your new favorite companies??
Yeah, that's how Scribe Forge is to me haha.

To any of you who are writers or story tellers, I think you might like the Smash Writer's Block card deck from Scribe Forge. I know I do. Everything I've gotten from this company has been excellent quality and has proved to be very useful to me in writing my novel. I can't recommend them enough!!

Again, this is NOT a sponsorship, I'm just so happy with my experience with Scribe Forge so far.

Thank you so much for reading!!

Yours truly,

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