Friday, February 12, 2021

My Trip To The American Girl Place.

To my dearest friends and followers,

2006 was a big year. I remember little about the year as a whole, but I do remember there was something big - something to look forward to. It was the year the American Girl company opened their third brick and mortar store, the American Girl Place. Their first ever store opened in Chicago in 1998, just after Mattel purchased Pleasant Company (American Girl). In 2003, another American Girl Place opened in New York City. In 2006, a third store opened in Los Angeles.
And my parents took my sister and I for our birthday.

Thinking back, I remember how grand it all was! There was so much to take in: the doll shop, the cafe, the doll hair salon, the book store. It was so surreal. It was everything we had seen only in the catalogue. It was every little girl's dream (well, at least, it was mine). There were huge cases with all of the Just Like You Dolls, display upon display of all the dolls wearing their modern outfits, from Sunday best, to daily/weekly activities, such as baking cookies, going to school, or playing outside. There were outfits targeted towards different sports, such as horse riding gear, swimwear, basketball, ballet, and ice skating. There were fancy dresses for holiday gatherings, recital dresses, and costumes for Halloween, such as a cat, a Flapper girl from the 1920's, or princess dresses. There was lounge wear, and little pajamas to put the doll to bed in. There were even beds and bedding, pets and pet accessories. There was everything!
And then there were the Historical Dolls. That's where it was at. Seeing each of the historical dolls in her time appropriate attire (ranging from 1774, all the way to 1944) with beautiful detail to her entire wardrobe and collection of accessories and furniture. It was an amazing experience, with so much to see on the two levels that was the American Girl Place.
This past week, I got to go to the American Girl Place in Los Angeles once again, only this time, I went with my husband.
It was so much fun to go! There were plenty of things I didn't remember, and plenty of new things that I'm pretty sure weren't there before. American Girl has changed so much since I was a child, and I daresay, they have lost some of their charm. But that's another thought for a different day. American Girl will always be special to me. It was very exciting to look at everything, see all the new things, and marvel at some of the changes.

I brought my Kirsten doll with me and admitted her to the
Doll Hospital
for some limb tightening. I did not leave empty-handed though. I bought a new outfit for my dolls, the Japan outfit from the new World Traveler Collection. And I bought a pair of glasses for the doll, a doll hairbrush, and a set of accessories that included a backpack for the doll, and a tiny cellphone!!
It was really fun to go and spend the day in LA. I've spent the last few days making little things for my dolls, getting Jess dressed in the new outfit, and yeah. XD
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