Friday, January 1, 2021

My Year of Accomplishments.

 To my dearest friends and followers,

I can only imagine how excited many of you are that 2020 is finally over!!
Initially I planned to write this post last week (December 25th) as sort of a list of highlights of my year and things I want to accomplish in 2021, but I had other things to do and I hope you did to.
It was a weird year, a scary year, and a difficult year for many. There were definitely difficult times for me as well, though I wish to keep my blog clear of personal family matters. Still though, there are a lot of things I feel grateful for and a lot of things I accomplished last year.

In January, I received my manuscript back from each of my beta readers!! I then began to go through them, making the necessary changes. After several more editing steps, I finally published my novel with IngramSpark!! That was HUGE to me, since it had been my dream to be a published author since I was around 12 years old.

Before that though, I had to have a cover for my book. So after being rejected several times by artists I admired to illustrate my book cover, I decided to design and illustrated the cover art myself. I got a lot of new art supplies this year and learned how to paint with watercolor!!

This isn't really an accomplishment, I just want to add that we (my husband and I) fostered several kittens in the spring and ended up adopting one. XD

During the summer, my husband and I read a bit of Marie Kondo's book, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up. We went through pretty much all of my possessions and got rid of A LOT of stuff!! I hated doing that, but I also loved it. It was so freeing. I feel so much lighter with so much less.

Toward the end of summer, I began to set up my own little studio where I could write and draw in my own space. I then published my novel as an ebook.
In November I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and wrote a big portion of my next novel, a sequel to the first.

Just last month, I set up my own shop on Ko-fi!! The best way to support me and what I do is to purchase my book, and now you can buy it directly from me!!

I then ended the year having read a total of 36 books, and nearly 11k pages according to Goodreads.
Some of you probably accomplished more things, or bigger things, but I'm pretty happy with my list and what I've done, even though there were several things I had planned and hoped for that didn't happen.

This year, there are 2 big things I can think of at the moment that I want to accomplish: 1. Finish writing the sequel. 2. Begin selling homemade journals on my Ko-fi shop. I think I can manage that. I like to start small, make a list I know I can accomplish. Once I've completed that, I'll add to it. XD

Let's hope 2021 is a better year for everyone!!
Thank you so much for reading!!

Yours truly,

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