Friday, October 16, 2020

Enter Richard III.

Looking into the world from Beyond the Veil and the folklore that surrounds it.
Part 6.
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Today I will be analyzing my novel, The Story of Hollyhocks (Tales from Beyond the Veil book 1). I have been talking about the folklore and history that can be found in the story. To check out the previous 5 posts, check out the Archive on the right panel of the page. XD

So let's get into it. last week, I went through chapters 16-19. Today I will be going over 20-23.

Chapter 20 begins with a new day. The evening before, Edward V told many stories of his past to Hollyhocks and her friends (chapters 16-19). Chapter 20 is pretty uneventful, as the characters pass the time, while waiting for Lord Anthony Woodville, 2nd Earl Rivers, to return from Northampton, which we learned about in chapter 15.

Chapter 21 sees Edward, Hollyhocks, JuJuBee, and Shaylee sitting outside together and eating snacks, when they hear carriages beginning to approach. Edward is dismayed to find only his uncle, Richard, Duke of Gloucester present. He asks where Lord Rivers is, and the chapter ends on a cliff hanger as Richard tells Edward that Lord Rivers has been arrested.

Historically, it was April 9th, 1483, that Edward IV died. 5 days later, on April 14th, his son received news of his death, making him Edward V. On April 24th, Edward V, Lord Rivers, and 2,000 men began to journey from Ludlow to London where the young king was to be crowned. On April 23rd, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, had left Yorkshire to ride to London as well, as he was now the Lord Protector of the Realm (and would remain so until the young king's coronation). Richard rode to Northampton, where he expected to meet the others, and they would ride together the rest of the way to London. However, Edward V and his escort had already travelled past Northampton, and were stopped for the night in Stony Stratford.
Lord Rivers traveled back to Northampton to meet Richard, and ride with him to Stony Stratford.

On the night of the 29th of April, 1483, Richard, Lord Rivers, and Lord Grey (Edward V's half-brother) ate a fine meal together. It is not clear whether this took place in Stony Stratford, or somewhere else. The next morning, Lord Rivers, Lord Grey, and another man, Lord Thomas Vaughan (the king's chamberlain), were arrested under the orders of Richard, Duke of Gloucester. It is reported that the young king protested, but since he was not crowned yet, he had little authority over his Protecter.

For the sake of the story flow within my book, I omitted the dinner that took place between the 3 men, and instead had Lord Rivers arrested before he and Richard reached Stony Stratford. This allowed the trip from Ludlow to London to take only the 2 days that I estimated it would have back then.

Chapter 22 shows Edward's attempt to get his cruel uncle to release his men, but to no avail. Richard then dismisses Edward's escort of 2,000 men. The chapter ends with him reluctantly getting into the carriage so that Richard could take him to London.

Chapter 23 is brief, as Hollyhocks and her friends sit silently inside the carriage with Edward and accompany him to London. Shaylee hints that maybe it would be best if they return home, but Hollyhocks feels that she must stay because Edward needs them, and friends stick together. They all agree to stay with him, with Hollyhocks stating "We will not abandon you" just before Edward steps out of the carriage upon their arrival in London at last.

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  1. I love the way you bring history to life, weaving it with such great imaginative story.