Friday, July 31, 2020

A Promise to Keep.

I promise, one day I'll have more to show than a few quotes from an unfinished book.

To my dearest friends and followers,

I want to thank each and every one of you that has been supporting me. If you follow me on Twitter and build up the Writing Community, thank you. If you like my Facebook page, thank you, because I know I don't post there as often as I should. If you followed me on Google Plus way back when, thank you. If you found me through NaNoWriMo or Rowanvale, thank you, because those were both very good and memorable times for me. If you follow my author profile on Goodreads, thank you. If you've purchased my book, thank you. If I know you in person and you come here to see what I've written every week, that truly means a lot to me, so thank you. And if you're new here, welcome.

I am sure I will never know most of you, but you're support to me means a lot. I'd rather have a small community of people who are close than a large following with little interaction. My views are steady for the most part, so I know some of you are faithful readers. <3

When I published my novel two months ago, I felt so many things. I felt happy, excited, nervous, relieved, amongst other things. I was recently reminded of something else though. While I was looking through past messages to people, I saw that I had made a promise to so many of them. That promise was this: I promise, one day I'll have more to show than a few quotes from an unfinished book. I feel like I have kept that promise, now that my novel is published and available to you guys. And that makes me feel happy in a peaceful sort of way, like I did good by you.

However, I have failed to deliver when it comes to those of us who prefer ebooks over paperbacks. I intentionally waited on that, as I wanted to release the ebook once the physical copy had been available for a few months. I am happy to announce that The Story of Hollyhocks will be available for purchase as an ebook on October 1st, 2020, just after the autumnal equinox and on the day of the Harvest Moon!!

I'm still working on a few kinks, and trying to figure out how publisher compensation works with an ebook, using an ISBN, and formatting. I felt achieved when I had completed all of this for my paperback edition, but it's all so different with an ebook, it's frustrating!!

Oh well, I'll pull through because I know it will be rewarding in the end. XD

Yours truly,


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