Friday, May 31, 2019

Editing and Revising.

To my dearest friends and followers,

I am quite happy to share with you an update of my book today!!

So, I shared in the beginning of April that I would be starting to edit my book. I was ready to begin the long and tiresome journey and seriously dedicate myself to finishing it and readying it for publishing. While my start was extremely slow, I feel like I have finally buckled myself in and moved forward. I have found my rhythm and really gotten into the swing of things. I decided to retype the entire story anew, copying it from a printed manuscript.

I keep saying that I am editing my book, but I recently heard a video by a fellow indie author, Jennifer Acres, and some things she said got me thinking. Her video, which is targeted for authors, is about how to better organize the files on your computer and offers a simple way to keep those files neat. 
The thing that stuck out to me though, is she briefly mentions the three phases while writing a book: drafting, revising, and editing.
Drafting is when we have written the story. Revising is when we go through our own work and make changes/corrections. Editing is when we have finished going through it ourself and are ready for others to look at it such as beta readers, editors, etc.

I feel like I have slightly gone out of order, based on her thoughts. I completed my draft. After that,  I had a few people proofread the book BEFORE I revised it myself. I am not sure that was the best decision honestly. Those people made mostly grammatical corrections, and while that was helpful, I see now that the story actually needs a lot of work. I should have revised my book myself FIRST and then had others look at it.

Currently I am revising my book. I am 10k words in, and only 52k to go!! Once I am finished with it and happy with it, I want to move into the editing phase and have beta readers, etc.
I am getting a lot done and I'm really happy with my progress so far. At this rate, I'm hoping I'll be done going over it at the end of September...
I'm pretty sure what was a 62 thousand word manuscript is going to turn into a 70 thousand word manuscript. I know length shouldn't be what matters, but that feels really good. XD
Am I alone here??

Yours truly,

Jennifer Acres: Twitter 

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