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My First Novella (pt 2).

The Enchanted Island.

To my dearest friends and followers,

In case you missed last week's post, I am sharing my first novella from when I was 13. I posted chapters 1-3 last week.

"A Freak Accident"

Elina skipped along happily in the grass with wild flowers all about and of every shape, size, and color. Up ahead a short distance, she could see something lying in the dirt next to a cliff. Not taking her eyes off of the object, she walked up to it. She went down on her hands and knees and picked it up. It was a pocket knife.

"This belongs to the lost boy!" Elina said, quite sure of herself. She started searching the grass for something else that might help her find him.

The hill above her had a large rock on it. How that rock came to be rolling down the hill, I do not know, but indeed it was rolling and indeed with every second it rolled faster, rolling right in the direction of Elina.
Suddenly Elina was being squished by the rock. All four limbs were stretched out. "Oh great! she exclaimed sarcastically.
When she tried to push the rock off of her back, she couldn't. It was much too heavy for only one girl to move.

"Help me! Please someone help! Help!" shouted Elina.
After lying there for what seemed like ages, Elina, still shouting and screaming, saw twelve creatures coming to help her. What eleven of these creatures looked like, I leave to your imagination. The twelfth one was Shellie. She had long pale legs instead of a tail. She and the others grabbed hold of the rock and, working together, they could not push, pull, nor could they lift the rock a single inch.

"I'm going to get help," Elina said. She was up and walking around the island, trying to find Star. She walked up to a gopher hole and put her face down to it and yelled, "Star? Are you in there?" When there was no reply, she turned and left. "Where has that horse gone to?" she wondered aloud.
Next she went to a tree with a hole in it, big enough for a squirrel. "Hello? Star?" Elina shouted. She stood there a minute and waited for someone to answer. When no one did, she turned and left, just as before. Then Elina came to a lovely little meadow where she saw a winged-horse grazing happily, minding her own business.

Elina ran to the horse and said, "Star, please help me. Help me move the rock."

Elina was once again under the rock. Shellie, Star, and the others lifted the rock, waited for her to move, then dropped it again with a loud thud. "Oh, thank you!" Elina said, relieved.
"What were you doing here?" Star asked.
"I wanted to find the lost boy. Poor thing. Hidden away five years." Elina said sadly.
"You should talk to people on the island and gather information," Star suggested. "You might also try looking for clues."
"Looking for clues," Elina repeated. She held out the little knife she found and asked, "is this a clue?"
"That's a start!" Star answered.
"What does it mean?"
"No Balodian creature has such a tool. He was here."

**Please bear with me. I know a lot doesn't make sense, but it's not meant to...

"No Sense At All"

Elina looked for clues near the cliff, but didn't find anything. She decided to look for the treasure again. Standing on a little rock, she dived into the water. She was swimming through a school of brightly colored fish, when she saw a dark creepy looking cave. "That looks the like perfect spot for someone to hide treasure," she thought to herself. She swam up to the opening and peeked her head inside. "Hello?" she said, fearing there might be someone inside. Hello hello hello she heard her voice echo back to her. Satisfied that no one answered, she swam in.

Inside she saw a very large fish with a strange light attached to it's head. Elina was scared. She swam out of the cave. She swam back through the school of fish. She swam a good while until she saw a beautiful but strange looking house made of bright orange coral.

She swam to the door and knocked three times. "Anybody home?"
"Hello Elina! Won't you come in?" Shellie answered from inside, opening the door.
When they were inside, Elina noticed that the house looked big on the inside and small on the outside. In one corner of the room stood a very pretty pink vanity with a big mirror and the knobs to the drawers were pearls.

"You should have not disturbed Scum," Shellie broke the silence.
"Scum?" Elina thought of the fish she had seen in the cave. "I didn't realize he had a name."
"Why were you bothering him?"
"I didn't know he lived there. I was looking for your treasure."
"Oh!" Shellie was excited. "Would you like to hear something which might help?"
"Yes please!"
Shellie cleared her throat and with a twinkle in her eyes, she said, "Herte si a urgosgoe edunr atwer ragned, og herte dan kalt ot het esa serho."
It sounded like a beautiful language Elina had never heard before which left her more confused than ever. "What does that mean? That makes no sense at all."
"It wouldn't," Shellie agreed. "But it will."
"What's that supposed to mean?" Elina said. "Won't you at least tell me in English?"
Shellie thought a moment. "Just take your time."
Displeased, Elina left.

*  *  *

"I don't understand. I don't know any other language," Elina said as she braided Star's main. "I don't think she wants me to find her treasure."
"Actually, quite the opposite," Star said. "She loves it when someone looks for it. It's like a game to her. She just likes to make it more interesting for her amusement."
"That's kind of cruel of her," Elina said.
"Some would see her that way." Star said. "Her clue is easier to figure out than you think."
"Oh?" Elina said, curious. 
"You know the answer already," Star said. "You came up with the clue."
Elina was very confused. "How do you know?"
"I just do."
"Will you please tell me?"
"No," Star answered. "At least not now."

"Beautiful Bella"

Elina walked up to a mote. Across the mote was an enchanted brick castle. She wanted to get to the other side of the castle, but figured it would be faster to go through it and go around it. She was about to jump in the dark swampy water when she saw something move below the surface. She tried to get a better look.
She didn't have to wait long, for the creature, which appeared to be a huge serpent, lunged at Elina and showed it's long yellow fangs. Elina screamed and fell on her behind, got up, and ran along the side of the mote until she reached the woods. She had not gone far when she saw what looked like a headstone. She saw these words written on it:

Oh, good for you,
you have found this note.
However, you have skipped the first.
To find it, cross the mote.

Elina decided to ignore the message. She did not want to cross the mote. So on she went, deeper into the woods until she suddenly couldn't walk. Her feet were not stuck to the ground, nor was there anything holding her in place. It was as if she were not permitted to walk any farther, like two magnets held that refuse to be joined together. 

Discovering that there was no way around it, Elina decided to do what the stone said. She walked back to the castle, but this time the drawbridge was down. She crossed and walked up a seemingly never ending staircase. At the top was a big wooden door. She opened it. It was the room of the princess.

"Um, hello Princess," said Elina, giving a curtsey.
The Princess looked up. She had long red hair with bright green eyes and lovely pink cheeks. "Hello," she said. "Please, call me Bella."
"I'm Elina. You're very beautiful, Bella," said Elina.
"Thank you. That's what my name means."
"Oh," said Elina. "Nice place you got here."
Bella nodded in agreement.
"I read this stone that says I'm supposed to come here and find a note or something," Elina explained. "Can you help me Bella?"
"I think so. It's about the boy, right?" Bella asked.
"I've heard that he was hidden underground," said Bella.
"Underground?" Elina said.
Bella changed the subject. "Would you like to see crystal?"
"Um, sure," Elina said. She followed the princess down all the stairs and outside to a stable with a small pasture that Elina was sure wasn't there before.
"Isn't she a beauty?" Bella said once inside.
"Oh," breathed Elina. "She's amazing."
Crystal is a tremendous and attractive unicorn with a horn of pure crystal.
Elina heard Bella muttering to herself, "Beautiful Bella, beautiful Bella, beautiful Bella."
Bella turned to Elina. "She is a very special unicorn. Her horn holds powers. She can lightly tap a rock with it and the rock will crumble to a million pieces."
"Oh! She would come in handy if I have to dig for the boy," Elina said. "Can I take her with me?"
"Why will you be digging?" Bella said.
"To find him," Elina said. "I'm gonna dig all over the island until I find him."
"Oh Elina," Bella said, "You totally missed it. You don't need to dig! But you may take her if you wish," she said because a princess never forgets her manners. "Here is your note," Bella said, handing Elina a piece of paper. "Goodbye now," she added, gesturing towards the door.
Elina turned to leave when Bella grabbed her by the arm. "Oh wait! remember the name, Beautiful Bella."
When Elina left, she didn't take Crystal. As she crossed the bridge, she read the note. It said,

First talk to the princess.
If you don't get the clue,
it's time to see Star.
She is more clever than you.

**More next week. Thank you so much!! I would love to hear from you and what you think of the story so far. XD

Yours truly,

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