Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Summer thoughts
(August 2017)

"Why do you always draw broken hearts?"

The answer is simple: Because our love is not perfect. Only God's love is perfect. We are human, after all. And we are broken. All of us. Every fragment of our entire being. Broken. Do not be quick to judge us though, for it is what makes us us. It is the core of our existence. Brokenness. And what would we be without it?

Our broken pieces long to be whole again. We long for more than who and what we are; to serve a higher purpose. We long not merely to exist, but to live. We long for more. We are pathetic beings drowning in pools of our broken dreams. But oh, they are such beautiful dreams. Dreams of the future. Dreams of life. Dreams of hope. Dreams of love.

Love. This is where we are broken most of all - in thinking we are capable of loving another and that if we love them enough, that love will be perfect? Can we, as fallen and broken humans, achieve something perfect? In an imperfect world, do we even fully understand what perfect is?
Could we ever love enough? Can we ever cure ourselves of this brokenness?

We can try. Can we ever succeed? We can hope. But that is not up to us. Who we are to our core, our broken souls long for our Creator - to serve Him and to love Him. To find ourselves in Him and to be whole again. We can strive to be better people, but we will never be better than anyone else, only better versions of ourselves in the way we were created to be. We will be what we are and what we are is beautiful because life is a precious thing and we are made in the image of God and God is love and love is beautiful. 

But for now, we are broken, living each day as if it was our last, making the most of the little moments, growing from our mistakes, learning to love someone as much as we are able, and creating beauty every day in our art and in our actions. Every flaw, every imperfection, every bit of our brokenness is special in ways we cannot hope to understand. But we can try.

As for me? I am content to be broken. I am a dreamer. I am flawed. I am certain that one day I will find myself whole again in the company of my God.

Yours truly,