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Legacy Redeemed

To my dear readers,
I hope you had a very Merry Christmas this year. Once I had dined with family and enjoyed their company, opened presents, etc. I actually found the time to read a book on my new "Amazon Fire" for the rest of the afternoon. I quite enjoyed the story and would love to tell you about it. :)

Where I received this book and what my interest in it is:

The title said book is Legacy Redeemed (Redeemed, Restored, Reclaimed #1) written by Aubrey Grayson. How I came into possession of this book is quite a unique situation, at least for me. Aubrey Grayson stumbled across my blog earlier this year and asked me if I would write an honest review on her book. Once I had looked into the story I agreed to this, for which she sent me the ebook for free. So a huge thanks to you Aubrey for giving me this opportunity. :)

Type of book:

Recency / Christian Fiction

Ideas expressed, message, and/or plot:

Legacy Redeemed begins with our unknown heroine entering a masquerade ball. We soon learn that her name is Susannah Blackmon. Her fiancé had recently left her and her dowry was spent entirely by her wicked guardian, Hector Dunmore. She meets a mystery man at the ball who suggests she visit the peaceful town of Seaton to stay in the Thinking Cottage until she decided what she needed to do. So she escapes her guardian and goes.
The story is told in the third person, following Susannah and the mystery man from the ball, Nicholas Daventry, the brother of an earl. When Nick's grandfather passed, he left Nick a mansion in Seaton in his will. However, Nick is a widower with a four year old son, and his grandfather's will clearly states that Nick could only inherit the mansion if he was married ON his 30th birthday, not BY his 30th. This leaves Nick three months to find a wife.
Susannah and Nicholas become acquainted outside the ballroom and soon learn that they each despise the other. How could Nicholas associate with a woman who in turn associated with Hector Dunmore, whose bad reputation was well known in London? And how could Susannah allow herself to love a man when she is a fallen woman with no dowry?
Through many circumstances, Susannah, whose father was a vicar, no longer believes in God, despite  nearly everyone she meets in Seaton claiming that she is an answer to their prayers. Towards the end of the story, Susannah tests God for proof of His existence and finds herself in a rapid change of events.
The story left me waiting for explanations that were never given. At the time that I read Legacy Redeemed, I was unaware that it was part of a yet unpublished series, which I can only hope will further explain certain aspects of the story.

Favorite scenes/quotes/lines:

My favorite character in the book was actually Gabriel who is Nick's four year old son. He did not have a huge part in the story, but I found him cute and admirable.
My favorite scenes took place in chapters 24, 25, and 26. I don't wish to say too much so I do not spoil it for anyone. However, I will say that I truly admire the romantic gesture performed by Nick as he rode back to London for uh, certain reasons. XD

Legacy Redeemed
Other books to read by Aubrey Grayson:
Legacy Redeemed is the first book written by Aubrey Grayson, but as I noted earlier, it is the first in a series as well. I don't know about you, but I hope to read them when they are published!! You can check out her Facebook page and sign up for her newsletter about when the next book is going to be published.

Additional Notes:

I personally found myself neither liking nor disliking most of the characters. I wish that me as the reader could have connected with them a bit more. However, I did really enjoy the relationship between Susannah and Gabriel.
The writing style is quite unique. While the story takes place in Regency England, much of the dialogue felt a bit modern to me and less sophisticated and formal than I expected. It gave the book a very easy read feel to it, which is actually refreshing to not have to keep a dictionary at hand.
Another thing I really appreciated about the book is that the author used many scriptural quotes from my favorite translation of the Bible, the King James Version.
I have read other Regency/Christian fiction novels and this one stands out to me a little bit from the others. I am coming to love this genre of literature and Aubrey Grayson talks about the Christian faith quite a bit more in Legacy Redeemed as compared to what other authors do in these type of books where the Christian aspect of the story is very subtle.
I really enjoyed the story of Legacy Redeemed and I hope you guys do too. Please read it for yourselves, I'd love to hear back from you to know what you think of it!! (click here to purchase Legacy Redeemed)
Thank you everyone for always reading. ;)

Yours truly,

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