Monday, September 5, 2016

Marionettes - Angels, Fairies and Elves.

So, I know some of you are already aware of this, but for those of you who maybe stumbled onto my blog just today, reading and telling stories aren't the only things I enjoy. I absolutely adore puppets; marionettes being my favorite. Come to think of it, I guess puppetry is sort of another form of story telling... o.0 but that's beside the point.
Over the past few years I have acquired 6 marionettes, my first being a Disney's Collector Edition of Pinocchio and most recently, a pink poodle. Pinocchio typically stays at home, while every other puppet I own (with the exception of the new one), has been used in little skits my sister and I have put on in the church for children's ministry.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about one of my favorite marionette companies. I don't know about you, but I absolutely loved that post!! Not only that, it's currently my most viewed post to date. Apparently my dear viewers (that's you guys) find puppets more interesting than me... 🤔
There is another marionette company that I really really love (my mom says I spend too much time looking at the site). It's called AXA Marionettes. It's also based in the Czech Republic.

AXA Marionettes was started about 5 years ago by Xenie Axamitová, though she has been creating puppets for about 26 years. Though she has made puppets for theater purposes and TV shows, most of the puppets go to people in their homes. The website displays puppets by several different artists, including Tonda - one of the best carvers in the Czech Republic (he actually made the vampire marionette shown in the other puppet post).
Years ago when I began searching for marionette/puppet companies online, AXA was one of the first I ever stumbled across. They sell wooden marionettes, plaster marionettes, and marionettes made out of ceramics and clay.

Even though the White Angel marionette is one of the more popular puppets, the first puppet that caught my eye from AXA was the Fairy marionette. Her curly hair, the flowers and leaves - this puppet screams meeeee!! She's such a beautiful puppet. I loved her sort of sad expression. I could picture her story and the things she had gone through that maybe made her look that way. My sister and I even wrote several skits together befitting for a marionette with her appearance. Both of these puppets have wooden bodies with plaster faces, hands, and feet. They are mostly for decoration use only.

Some of the other puppets I like include the Butterfly Fairy marionette and the Partly Sad Angel. I can't even imagine how strenuous carving the Angel's wings must be...I'm quite mesmerized with her.

The Birthday Elf and the Home Elf are really cute and fun looking. With their crazy brightly colored hair and attire, they seem like they'd definitely be the life and light of a party. Who knows, they might even cause some mischief.... You can't say that these 2 don't bring a smile to your face. I mean, how could they not? XD

But my absolute favorites from AXA are, currently, the Cemetery Fairy made of wood, and the Elf. Notice the vibrant, almost iridescent harmonious colors on both of these puppets. I love the carving detail, especially on the elf. I admire his smooth facial expression. I love his boots too. The fairy is quite mesmerizing in her way as well. Personally, I love the red hair on the fairy. Both her and the elf look so beautiful, graceful and elegant. They're extremely beauteous works of art.

Someday I'm going to own one of these. Someday... 😌
I highly suggest you guys check out  AXAmarionettes to explore "all things possible, impossible, kings, princesses, dragons, fairies..." (AXA Marionettes Homepage).
Thank you to AXA for letting me do this post, and thank YOU for reading!! Please leave comments or email me through the contact form, I always look forward to hearing from you. ;)

Yours truly,

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