Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Starting Point.

Everybody has a starting point: when and why they started playing an instrument, or playing a sport, or doing anything that they enjoy. For me, that's writing. My brain doesn't work that great, so I don't remember EXACTLY when I began writing. I know, you're thinking, ok, so why would she even start a post like this because clearly she has no idea what she's talking about. If you're thinking something like this, then you're wrong. THIS time I DO have an idea what I'm saying. My story telling began very early for me. My sister and I would play with our toys and make up the craziest little stories for them. We had stories about Jesse's Farm, and about a dog who lived in Paris who had a best friend that was a boxer with 300 puppies, and about a dog named Amber and her owner Jane, who lived in the Plaza Hotel, etc. Every toy we had was a great character and every character had a story. Sometimes we didn't even use toys, we just made up these little worlds and talked about what happened in them.

I didn't actually realize that writing was something I wanted to do for a living until I was about 12 years old, but I wrote many silly little stories before that. One of the earliest I wrote and the one that I'm most famous for around the house is, "The Story Of Polly On A Trip To Maui." It's hilarious and makes no sense, and in the original title, it actually says "Mowy" instead of "Maui." :D It's the third story in a small series I wrote. I have book 1 and book 3, but I have no idea what happened to book 2. So anyway, I'm going to embarrass myself and show you a part of my starting point (please keep in mind that I may do a followup post about my starting point). Also, I'm going to do my very best to translate my earlier work to something that's actually readable, so words like "awer" become "hour" and "serfing" becomes "surfing."  Let me know in the comments what you guys think! ;) 
Oh! Real quick, I'm guessing that book 2 had something to do with a camping trip, or maybe I was on a sugar high and just randomly began book 3 as follows:

When they came home from camp the next day, they wanted to go to Maui for a few days so they went to go to pack up their bags and then they called the airport to get a plane. So the airplane came to the farm and all of the girls and one boy got on the airplane...
 *Quickly, can I say something? First, these characters were based from the Polly Pocket dolls I had, so at the time, I only owned 1 boy haha. Secondly, Polly must have been rich or something, because it sounds like she has her own private jet at her farm. Or maybe the pilot was just being extra generous that day. And let's not forget that she apparently was able to leave for Maui almost immediately after she got back from a previous vacation...*
...and hour after hour and they still have two more hours to go and then Todd the boy fell asleep in the airplane and then they finally got at Maui. On the way to Maui we were almost to Maui  and we woke Todd up on purpose so now Todd wasn't very happy at the girls and the girls were testing Todd and Todd fell back asleep again. The plane stopped and Kirsty jumped on Todd and yelled in his ear and Kirsty laughed and screamed and ran away and hid behind a tree...
*No idea what happened to the plane at this point...*
 ...and Todd walked right past her and Kirsty ran back to the airplane with Todd following her to the airplane. Todd was surfing and the water was so wavy Todd flew off of the board...
*Just want to point out that on the page where I have the story written in pencil and crayon, I have a poorly drawn surfboard with an arrow pointing to the water saying, WOW!...* was so wavy and at dinnertime they all had water and shrimp for dinner. The End. 😂😂😂😂😂

Ok, that was...interesting. If you read this whole post, I could literally hug you right now!! And if you don't like hugs, then you know, fist bump or whatever. Anyways, I think my writing has gotten much better and as always, thanks so much for reading!! ;)


  1. O.M.W. That was completely awesome. I totally needed that. You should post book 1 and 2 (if you ever find it). Pictures would be good to... ;-)